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Learn to Play Online Poker: Know the Basics – For Beginners

Learn to Play Online Poker

New to the world of online casinos? Why not try Poker Online as one of your training ground to become an expert online casino gamer?

If you’re a beginner and wanted to try this game, this article is specially written for players like you that don’t have any about online poker. Before going to war, a soldier must be prepared and knowledgeable enough about his or her opponent, and of course, to the game itself.

In order to become an expert, you must know first the rules and the flow of the game. Knowing the basics will play an important role in your online poker career.

Getting Started: Play Online Poker – Betting Styles

Ready to play Poker Online?

But before that, read this basic tutorial first.

online poker

Below are the basic betting styles an online poker can offer:

  • No Limit: this type of bet enables the players can put his or her wager in any amount (could be above the minimum) up to the sum of cash they all have in the table during the session.
  • Limit: this type of bet are strict, it limits all the bets and raises to a certain value only. But don’t worry this kind of bet is now uncommon, but still, remain in other cash games.
  • Pot Limit: this type of bet enables the players to have freedom on how much he or she can bet but should be limit according to the current pot luck value.

 So now that you already have a background about the different type of poker bet/playing style, the next thing you should know is the stakes. Once you know the correct stake level, then probably you’re now ready to make your first bet.

Getting Started: Play Online Poker – Play Your First Hand

Okay, you’re finally at a table now, but don’t know how or what you’re doing. Remember, your goal is to create a set of cards that has a larger value than the other players. This means you need to have a good hand.

In poker, good hands have the highest chance of winning, below are the following card conditions:

  • Two pairs of two aces
  • Cards that have a sequential order, such as eight, nine, seven, Ace, King, and Queen

Now that you know the meaning of good hands, the next thing you should learn is to know your position. Remember, your position will be determined how far you are to the dealer, a good position is mid-late to give lots of good chances.