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Play Gourds, Crabs, Fish Games Online And Win Cash Rewards

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Gamble to win brilliant cash rewards

All the gambling lovers are familiar with the game น้ําเต้าปูปลา. A gambling game played with three dice with different symbols of animals like fish, prawn, crab, etc. instead of the numbers. There are many platforms where you can play this game, but Star 77 casino will be the safest option. They provide excellent gaming content and experience to the gamblers that they fall in love with the whole experience. You can place bets and win money over here without any complication. But you need to understand the game. 

Online Games

Different Betting types in the game

Although you know how to play the game, you must understand some betting types and their payout rates to have a better chance than others in earning more in เกมส์น้ำเต้าปูปลา.

  • 1 Teng bet: You can bet on any symbol. If one die comes out as the same, you will get the same amount you placed. If two dice come out the same, you will receive double the amount, and if three dies correspond, you will get the amount thrice.
  • Stabbed dual 2 A: You will read the second, like stabbing ‘chicken’ with the ‘calabash,’ and if all three dice readout chicken and calabash, then the payout ratio is five times.
  • Over/ Under- Here, you will bet on the sum of all three dice. The payout ratio is one time.
  • Even/ Odd- Here, you will on the sum of all three dices, whether it will be odd or even. Here, the payout ratio is one time.
  • Color bet- Here, you will bet on what color will appear. If one die corresponds to the color, the payout ratio is one time. If two dice correspond, the payout ratio is thrice, and if all the three dices fit, the payout ratio is seven times.
  • High-Low – Here, you will bet on the sum of all three dices. If it is between 4-10, it is low, and if it is between 11-17, it is high. The payout ratio over here is one time.

There are many more betting types that you can go through once you visit their site.

Safest Platform to gamble

Star 77 casino is one of the safest and authentic platforms in Thailand to play casino games. All the transactions made are entirely online and recorded. That makes the fraud and fraudulent activities vanish forever. It is a legal gambling application. So there is no problem in downloading the app and spending time over here. There are separate systems for depositing and withdrawing money over here. So, you make deposits according to your wish and win whenever you want. So, check out their site to know more details about the games and their rule and win huge rewards and bonuses.