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How to Manage Your Winnings Before and After a Game

If you’re playing in a live casino, online casino, or betting site where Pkv Games is present, there are scenarios where you’re carrying a large amount of money. So, whether before and after you play is a matter of skills and luck, but either way, you must be aware and knowledgeable about personal security. You must be mindful of how to avoid getting rolled or bankrupt when you’re far from the tables.

When we’re talking about gambling, especially online, many fraudsters and scammers will pretend to be your buddy. Once you get comfortable with them, you may accidentally give them a piece of valuable information that can be problematic in the future.

That’s why today’s article will serve as a guide on how you can manage your winnings.

Top Tips to Manage Your Cash

Assume that you’re playing on a land-based casino where you have won a large amount of money, or you have tons of cash with you before playing in a card room. You may follow these steps to give you extra personal security for your money and yourself, as well.

  1. Stay Low Key 

Assuming you’re not going to walk in the busy streets of a particular city with millions of cash present in your backpack, the money you’re going to lose should be limited to how much you can bring in the casino without being obvious. Meaning, avoid having an enormous bulge in your pockets.

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How you dress will reflect how much could be your worth to a possible thief. So, if you’re carrying cash, do not wear that golden shirt of yours, branded watch like Rolex, and branded shoes, unless you’re going to play on a well-secured location. But if you’re playing on the same hotel you’re staying, don’t assume that it is also a safe and well-secured place.

  1. Do Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages 

It may seem obvious, but if you dwell too much on alcohol, you might probably get on a stranger’s car waking up in the emergency room while wondering who’s got your money and credit cards.

There are stories from victims that they didn’t see the culprit slip anything into their drink. Others may put some drugs on the alcoholic beverage to make you sleepy. So, if you want additional security, don’t drink.

  1. Bank That Money 

If you have alternative ways of carrying your money or chips, then take it. You can bank those winnings or send it immediately to a hotel safe. If you’re going to carry your cash, you must have a plan to where you’re going to place them securely.

That’s why it is better if you’re going to send the money straight from the bank. Other casinos have a bank inside the property, so you don’t need to worry where and when to deposit.

  1. Ditch the Obvious 

The most common additional security that you can give for yourself is to prevent being in the wrong area at the wrong time. There are poorly lit parking areas, unfamiliar parts of town, where dark alleys are contagious, and unlicensed taxis waiting outside the casino that you must need to avoid.

Do not follow any strangers if you’re not familiar with the area. Also, avoid changing your plans when you won tons of cash. Stay with your plan, and you’re going to be okay, safe, and secured.