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Tips On How To Win In Online Fish Shooting Game

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Thousands of people become hooked with the online fish shooting game. It is an easy game to play and is a good way to pass time with. There are also various prizes that attract several players. This game is simple and easy but there are also techniques and tricks you should consider. Here are some tips you should check out.

Shoot enough bullets

Each fish needs a certain number of shots before it dies. There are fishes that you need to shoot 10 times and there are some that need only 4 shots. Be observant and check out which fishes the other players already shot. Take advantage of the shots made by other players. This is a good tactic if there are enough players on the table.

The mustache tactics

Most players focus on shooting big fishes to win a huge amount of points. They tend to ignore the smaller fishes. Do not risk playing this way especially if you are a new player. What you should do is take advantage of the smaller fishes that come together. Shoot in a slow manner so that each bullet goes in a different direction. There is a higher probability of the fishes dying this way. Fire the bullets in different directions and hit as many fish as you can. Make sure each bullet hits a different fish. While the other players aim to shoot the bigger fishes, take your time to shoot the smaller ones.

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Ballpoint play

This will increase the number of bullets fired at the fish at the same time. Shoot a few shots in the wall. It will bounce back towards the fish. While waiting for the bullets to hit the fish, fire at the fish. There will be at least 2 bullets aimed at the fish at the same time. The probability of fish dying is now higher. This is a great tactic if the fishes go towards the corner.

Take it slow but shoot quick

Do not be as eager as the other players who shoot at the big fishes. Most players will shoot at the big fish. If you have less ammunition than the other players then the probability of losing is very high. The big fish will die after a certain number of shots. Let the other players shoot as many as they want. Take it slow and do not pull the trigger too much. But you should shoot quick to earn a few hundred thousand after a few minutes of shooting.

Playing online fish shooting games is fun. But isn’t it more fun if you win the game? Try the tips above when you play at Joker88. Enjoy the game while you win exciting prizes.