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Frauds about which everyone should be aware

Fraud include any action of a person which can be planned or intentional to take others property or money by cunningly. There is no doubt that online gambling is very risky and dangerous but there is lot of excitement in playing gambling. The updated technologies allow you to play the gambling with comfort and can be easily accessible. Because of this reason many new comers who do not have much knowledge on the gambling try to check there luck on online gambling. The gambling can be done on any type of games like poker, lottery, horsing, casino games, sports games, slot online games etc. But increase in the number of gamblers the owners of the site have to support many different options of payment like electronic checks, bank transfer, fire transfer, card payment and also need to accept many third party payment methods.

The online operators must be aware of two types of frauds one internal and the other is external fraud. The internal fraud is which done by any one or group of people of the same organization. As the employee knows all the information about the company he can help the outsider to plan a scam or else a group of employees can plot a scam against the organization. The external frauds target the different well established gambling sites where they cheat the members or clients of that site by preparing the duplicate card, delay in transaction, rolled over transaction etc. It has been become a very important point for all the operators around the word to show case themselves as a safe site for gambling without any fraud. So the gambling operators have to be very careful and have a best plan to overcome all the fraud situations and also have to be very alert.

Bonus abuse

As online gambling has become more popular and competitive the operators try to attract the players by providing different types of bonus like new joiner bonus, referral bonus, most regular player bonus, etc so that the player does not move to a new or different ambling site. There are few bonuses which you can get only when you play certain number of bits in that casino. Here players can do fraud by creating different accounts for one person to avail the new joiner bonus and some other special offers. By this the site which is providing the online gambling can go into losses.


This happens when a person uses many accounts or when group of players try to manipulate the game. This mainly happens in a card games like poker, blackjack etc. Both the players can plan the game before itself and do the fraud. It can also happen that a player can create many accounts and plan to play from all accounts but he will make sure that only one account will win and other loses in this way also he can fraud and earn money.

There are few more frauds which can happen like credit card, chip dumping, charge back abuse etc.