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Want to play the legendary betting game on online

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Online sic bo is one of the legendary betting games and it is a popular old dice game that has originated from China. This game is also famous among Thai Gamblers and no matter what a festival is, it will be filled with dice in most of the events in Thailand. The highlight of playing สล็อตออนไลน์ is that it has a variety of betting options, which can be bet on multiple pages and also the payouts are more exciting, fun and thrilling.

How to play sic bo online?

The game consists of 6 dice and in one dice consisting of 1 to 6 points based upon the dots on the face of the dice. Whether in the tabletop game format or live dice, there will be an allotted time for you in order to place your bets.  Once the betting time expires the dealer will start rolling the dice and when the dice stops, the dealer will announce the result on the dice page; the prize pay will be at the end of the betting round. There will be slight differences for the fast mode, where you can hit the dice once you have placed the bet without waiting for the other players. The fun of this sic bo online game is that feeling thrilled by the sound of the rolling dice and also the various forms of betting like betting results of the three dice can be announced on multiple pages. Like its name sic bo which means hi lo, the points are given based on the high side (11 to 17) and the low side (4 to 10).  There are also various other forms of bets such as odd bets, dice bets, tot bets and teng bets.

Online Casino Games

There are many betting types available for this online sic bo game and they are:

  • Betting favourites
  • Betting on 2 numbers
  • Bet on the sum of high or low
  • Bet on even or odd
  • Double bet
  • Tong bet
  • Betting the number of points.

 Play sic bo online with ezybet123:

The most leading online bets for sicbo games are made with the ezybet123 site, which has both the online game in the form of live broadcasts with the dealers and you can play live game from the leading international bets. These games are ready for you to bet for 24 hours a day in a way that you do not need to wait for the other players. For a larger version of sic bo, the bets are available in the fast mode i.e., fast สล็อตแจกเครดิตฟรี version. With this fast version of the game the players can reduce the betting time and also they can win the prize faster.