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The amazing promotional activities of online casinos

One of the advantages of online casinos, as we have seen, are the bonuses (or promotions) that the establishment will develop and that it will be available to you. You have all types of bonuses and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Click here for bandarqq.

Bonuses are advantageous

Yes, it is advantageous, it is indisputable, the players who say the opposite have only skimmed over the conditions of the bonuses to affirm this. A bonus, to be exact, is money that the casino will give you in exchange for your commitment on terms that you will have to respect during your game. You have bonuses which are no deposit, they are called free bonuses and bonuses which are deposit bonus. Visit this site for bandarqq.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the different types of bonuses you have available to you.

Welcome bonuses

When you register in an online casino, you will be thanked by the establishment for having chosen it over another. You therefore receive welcome bonuses on this occasion. They can be without deposit but this is done less and less because the players abused them by cheating (opening several accounts for example), so suddenly, now online casinos offer very large deposit bonuses. The percentages are sometimes dreamy: 200%, 300% and even 400%. You will therefore be able to increase your betting capacity quickly with these first deposit bonuses.

Deposit bonuses

Then, with every deposit you make, you can claim to receive a bonus even if the casino does not openly disclose it on their site. If you are a regular player and you deposit a lot, you will have more to negotiate than a player who would come once a year for example. The bonus rates are lower but to be honest we think it’s better than none at all.

Loyalty bonuses

If you are a regular player as we have just explained to you, with frequent deposits, then you can take advantage of loyalty bonuses. Often the casino will calculate the total sum of the deposits you have made over a previous period such as the month, or the week, it depends on the frequency of the bonus, and from this sum, it will return you a part, 10% or 15% sometimes.

The other bonuses

In an online casino, you will have a whole bunch of other important bonuses which will allow you to play for free, for example, the referral bonus when one of your friends signs up under your advice or a bonus birthday on your special day or a bonus for new game launches. These bonuses are free, not huge, but can earn you real money.