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What are the requirements to play online betting?


Before registering with any online gambling game providing website, we need to confirm age verification. We need to provide the age proof documents for registering with them. This will make the confirmation of registration with them. We should send each document in the separate image. Also, we should make sure that all images are clear and easily recognizable.

 They will not accept the document which is blurred or damaged. We should make sure that all corners of the document are visible and we should not provide photograph which is very closer to the screen. All the images are scanned and send it in .jpeg format only. The gambling commission of the company has the rights to accept or reject the registration document at any time. On approval from their end, system will allow players to register further information in the website.

Guidelines to send age verification sbobet365document

The betting game has provided guidelines on how to send the document to the company. We can able to upload the document through live chat with their customer representative, emailing the necessary documents to the company, and also by texting the document in their website. In order to verify the age limit, we need to provide any one of the documents which follows: birth certificate, driving license, passport, and citizen card.

 The steps for uploading the document through live chat are: login to the website, launch the live chat option with their customer representative and it is available in contact us section of the website, fill the necessary information, and upload the saved document available in personal computer or tablet through live chat. Further information related to upload the document through email is available in their website. The daftar bet365 have published summary of all kinds of withdrawal methods in their website with the information like minimum and maximum credit limit of the game and timescale of the game. We can able to withdraw amount through debit card. In order to withdraw through debit card, we need furnish information related to debit card in their website.

 Also, they are charging additional charges for both minimum and maximum withdrawal amount from the game. There is also an option to change the details of both credit and debit card whenever it is needed. Most of the players are updating their card details because of their new expiry date in the card. For this purpose, it is not necessary to remove the details of card completely from the website. The expiry date can be changed on the next deposit with their website by clicking Deposit link available in the web page. The link will redirect to the web page to change expiry date of the card.

They have also provided an option to update credit or debit card number through online. In website, they have listed list of credit cards and surcharges which is accepted from their end. Most of the gambling websites are accepting Visa, Master Card, and Diners Club. It is observed that most of the banks in Hong Kong, Singapore, and USA are facing issues on depositing amount.