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The Starters Guidance on Football Betting


Football bets on individual matches are settled with an actual playing time of ninety minutes. This means that overtime (not to be confused with time injuries) is often not taken into account in individual rates. As a rule, prices for direct bets are lower than the results for ninety minutes, so be sure to check with your bookmaker if your bet is valid for the result of ninety minutes or an absolute result. If you bet on the first player to score, remember that the goals themselves are not taken into account, therefore, if the first goal is your own goal, your bet will remain valid for the player you choose to score the first goal.

However, in terms of bets, the odds usually offered by the bookmakers in these teams are often prohibitive and are likely to discourage small players from investing in their team’s capabilities. That’s why bookmakers now offer a wide range of bets, covering many aspects of a beautiful game, many of which offer a much higher return on investment if you win your bet at ufabet!

Handicap bets are one of the most popular bets, so each team in the league is assigned a “starting point” depending on their expected final position. The team, which bookmakers consider to be the favorite to win the league, does not receive any additional starting point and at the end of the season the team with the most points, both scored and starting, is declared the winner. In handicap bets, each team starts with the same odds, since theoretically all teams are “equal” because of the starting points of each team.


Betting on the top league scorer is another popular bet throughout the season, and players can often choose from a variety of bets in this market, including the best scorer of the team and the best scorer of the team. Handicap bets can also usually be obtained from the best overall scorer, and they follow the same pattern as league handicap bets. In betting on the league and on the top scorer, you can also bet on your team or player to finish in a certain number of positions. This is known as round-trip betting and consists of two bets: one bet of your choice to win, one bet of your choice to finish in a certain number of places behind the winner, so is sure to double your bet! If your choice does not win, but ends in “places”, then you are the winner, but keep in mind that your chances will be reduced to reflect higher chances of winning.


Many football fans love to bet on their favorite team during the season. For many, this bet is likely to be in their team to win the corresponding league, although for many fans of teams outside the “big weapon” their chances of winning are significantly reduced.