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How to Win the Game of 4D Live Toto?

How to Win the Game of 4D Live Toto

Toto is the most popular online gambling game in Malaysia. This game had the root from mid 20th century when the traditional casinos just started organizing their 4D Toto games. Because of the popularity, lots of suppliers saw this event as the big opportunity of providing their different variations of an underlying game. As today, you may play 4D live Toto on any offline and online casino.

The famous version of this game is the Supreme Toto. Starting with 4D live toto, it does not involve any kind of technicalities. To start, players need to select 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 50 and await its draw results. They will announce results 3 times in a week, which includes weekends. Furthermore, there are the multiple methods to win this game, which includes regular standard & system play.

Standard Play

It is a most common kind of play method as well as simple to start with. In system play, player has to pick 6 numbers from one to fifty. Suppose draw result matches the player’s number, then he is eligible for the Jackpot Prize that is 40% of a Prize Pool with the upfront money.

4D live

Most exciting thing of playing Toto is the Jackpot Prize isn’t available in many other variations of game. This Jackpot includes 10% of Prize Pool with the minimum winning guarantee. In order, to win Jackpot, player requires 5 matching numbers from its draw result, all along with some bonus numbers.

System Play

The system play is gameplay method just like “Pau” concept of the Toto 4D. Gameplay improves your odds of winning the game of Toto by buying possible combinations from the given range. This range will be decided by player & will constitute maximum of fifteen numbers. After selecting 15 numbers, this system may randomly generate 6 digit combinations from its range. Thus, more sets of number you play, higher will be your chances to win this game.

How to Win the Game?

    Go For Mix of Odd & Even Numbers

Suppose you go through any past results of Toto games, you may easily find out the combination of the odd & even numbers in their winning patterns. Thus, chances to have all odd or even numbers in the single draw are rare, same to Magnum Life.

    The good strategies for winning the game is by choosing the mix of odd & even numbers and increase your odds of winning a jackpot.